How to create more clout for minorities in motorsports and sim racing

Updated: Apr 8

Sabrè Cook, American W series driver, Clubhouse guest
Sabrè Cook, American W series driver

Lewes, Delaware, USA, 5th April 2021 - During our most recent Clubhouse, we discussed minorities in motorsports and sim racing and how to demonstrate their value to sponsors. It was an interesting conversation with agents, drivers, gamers, sponsorship experts, and company representatives in the room.

One of the comments that stood out the most was the general belief amongst the Clubhouse participants that athletes are athletes, and they shouldn't be categorized by their gender, race or background. If an athlete or gamer is good at what they do, they should be valued for that contribution equally. While it was refreshing to hear this in the room, we are still a long way from this being the norm.

We also discussed the need to change the approach of companies providing sponsorship based on the gender of the athlete or gamer. It is often mistaken that female athletes or gamers have a following of primarily female fans. Some companies use gendered marketing for products and services and look for female racers to help sell "female" products. However, due to the nature of motorsports there is likely a larger male audience following female gamers/athletes, and the experts suggest changing from the traditional gender specific approach and educating brands to help shift their perspective towards reaching a broader audience. This increases the market value of the athlete and extends the reach for brands.

Another important point that was talked about is the need to identify leaders within the minority communities. Strong leaders are those who unite the community with a common goal to lift each other up. Unfortunately, we are often tempted to accept any little bit of exposure, recognition, funds, etc. instead of pushing for more and removing the perceived barriers. It can be difficult to say "no" when there is fear that those opportunities may not return, but to make change, the community and leaders within those communities must stand up for their value and break through those glass ceilings. With strong leaders, a community of like minded people can go further together than any individual can go alone.

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