International Women’s Day - Choose to Challenge

Lewes, Delaware, USA, 8th March 2021 - International Women’s Day gives us an opportunity to reflect on the reasons why Init Esports exists. Founded by three driven women, we chose to challenge the status quo, to create a platform from which we could promote diversity and equality in esports. Talking is never enough, we wanted to instigate genuine purposeful change, to encourage and empower women to participate in esports and sim racing.

In one of our recent Clubhouse discussions, we talked about research from Michigan State University that revealed women react and respond just as well as their male counterparts on a race track. The studies even suggested that, over time and with experience, female drivers might actually gain a physical advantage over men.

We want to show that the same is true in the esports and sim racing world, by creating an environment where women can thrive and grow to their full potential. During our inaugural Race Me event earlier this year, we invited six super competitive and inspirational female athletes to put their sim skills to the test. One of those participants was US soccer goalkeeper - World Cup and two-time Olympic champion - Hope Solo.

Speaking of her involvement in Race Me, Hope said: “To be involved with so many empowering women, who are trying to change the landscape in which we live today and trying to push for societal change. We’re not near where we need to be, so this is a very strong and passionate group of women to be around. In this day and age, we all need some uplifting spirit and hope to keep the fight moving forward.”

At Init, we choose to challenge. We choose to challenge people’s pre-conceptions of esports and sim racing, and the role that women can play in a competitive online world. We choose to challenge mindsets that don’t allow female gamers to rise and thrive, to grow and shine, to be the best versions of themselves. We choose to challenge any aspects of a world in which young girls can’t look up to female role models and know that they can fulfil their dreams, that there are no barriers in their way, and they can win.

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