Lewes, Delaware, USA, 21st January 2021 - “If we create role models, bring people in, and educate girls that it’s okay to fail then little by little we can change the mentality.”

We’ve been finding our voice on the widely trending audio platform Clubhouse in recent weeks, as we spread the word about Init and our efforts to broaden diversity in esports and sim racing. It’s been an ear-opening experience as we continue to build the Init community across multiple social channels.

Our most recent broadcast featured all three of our co-founders Claire, Stefy and Didi with special guests and contributions from both sides of the Atlantic. Among others, we were delighted to be joined by Irish international hockey player - and motorsport data engineer Nicci Daly, Director of Business Development/Operations at Alan Johnson Racing/AJPE Tami Powers and Deb Lee.

The panel addressed key topics of conversation about encouraging women into gaming and motorsport, as well as nurturing youth throughout STEM learning and education.

The core discussion focused on ways to create a more inclusive opportunity for women in motorsport and sim racing. These explored questions concerning ways to make sim racing more intuitive and easier to pick up and also promoting sim racing to younger females through the utilisation of celebrity audiences.

A variety of ideas were brought forward such as the opportunity for female racing driver mentorships to increase sim racing for girls, providing easily accessible kits for women to commence a sim racing journey, and influencing younger audiences via social media platforms like TikTok.

A great point raised was the fact that a lot of young women fear failure across motorsport linked sectors such as STEM education and this is further due to a lack of support to learn from their mistakes and aspire to make progress.

It’s part of Init’s mission to encourage a safe environment for women to fail and learn, learn and thrive, thrive and succeed and to be the best version of themselves, just as much as the guys. We’re in the driving seat for change - and welcome you along on our journey.

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