Press Release: Init Esports & GamerSafer

Lewes, Delaware, USA, 21st January 2021 – SIM Racing specialists Init Esports have today announced a new technical partnership with the world-leading technology company GamerSafer to ensure fairness and safety in its online tournaments. A safety tech Silicon Valley-based company, GamerSafer ensures Esports’ competition integrity, fair and positive gameplay from amateur to pro levels. Their mission-driven team, is passionate about making online safety a fundamental right for all players, making it the perfect match for Init Esports’ purpose-led initiatives. Init Esports was established to place equality at the heart of the esports experience with a particular focus on empowering female participation in the virtual racing world. By partnering with GamerSafer, the company - which recently hosted a successful online tournament RaceMe with internationally acclaimed female sports stars - can ensure a safe, positive and fair environment in which its community can participate in online competitions. The first project on which Init Esports and GamerSafer will collaborate will be the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) esports championships for which Init has been appointed as official promoter. Init will be responsible for managing a number of traditional motorcycling disciplines, organizing events to AMA’s exacting standards with overall winners being recognised as AMA Esports National Champions and securing AMA Esports National No. 1 plates. All registrations, sign-ups and event management for Init-hosted tournaments, including AMA Championships and RaceMe, will be managed by GamerSafer’s identity management platform, powered by computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies, to guarantee the highest possible levels of security for players and partners. Stefy Bau, CEO and co-founder of INIT ESPORTS and three times Women’s World Motocross Champion said, “Equality and fairness are two key values for Init Esports, characteristics which have to be embodied across all our activities. We are delighted to partner with GamerSafer to utilise their innovative, cutting edge technology to guarantee safety and fair play for Init Esports tournaments. We have already started to make waves with unique events like RaceMe, which have put a spotlight on female participation in esports, and our collaboration with GamerSafer underscores the professional and safe approach we are taking to our role as promoter of AMA Esports Championships. This is another important milestone for Init Esports as we continue our mission for equality in online gaming.” Maria Oliveira Tamellini, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at GamerSafer said: “Trust and competition integrity are critical to the competitive racing scene. We are excited to secure and promote those principles within SIM racing space in partnership with Init Esports, protecting players, brands, and sponsors.” Init Esports and Gamer Safer are looking forward to implement those standards in the entire sim racing world. About GamerSafer GamerSafer's vision is to scale online safety, positive and fair play experiences to millions of players worldwide. The company offers multiplayer games and Esports platforms, a digital identity management software to defeat cheating, toxicity and crimes using computer vision and artificial intelligence. With GamerSafer’s technology, platforms can reduce user churn, increase lifetime value, comply with data privacy regulations, and reduce operational costs. About Init Esports Init Esports was formed in 2019 with the objective of being a broadcaster and tournament organizer for two-wheel off-road esports events. In addition, it is focused on assisting brands, rights holders and gamers in the US, Europe and Asia to understand the opportunities within the competitive gaming sector, with a specific emphasis on women and motorsports (Sim Racing).

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