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Lewes, Delaware, USA, 22nd March 2021 - With Formula 1 and MotoGP starting this weekend and Supercross and NASCAR in full swing we wanted to share a few interesting comments that came about in our recent ClubHouse discussion.

For the ones that don't know what Clubhouse is, you can learn more here. The app is available for Iphone users only at the moment.

In our newly established Club, REv - Racing for Everyone, we are tackling ways on how to integrate more diversity and inclusion in motorsports and are looking at how sim racing can be the launching point to grab the attention to newbies and establish a safe and healthy platform to get involved with motorsports.

Sarah Moore, W series racer, commented: "Racing is for everyone but motorsports are expensive to get started in. Sim racing can open the door to many people with a much lower initial investment. As a representative of the LGBTQ+ community I particularly care how we can make sim racing a welcoming platform for everyone and trickle that message into motorsports"

Stefy Bau: "And it is not only about being a driver, sim racing can teach you the physics of how a car works and so spark interested for a career in the STEM field."

In the last Clubhouse room we discussed how we can involved minorities and perhaps find a way to expose people to this fun and engaging activity without having to invest to try it and very great ideas came about.

Sim racing as of now is intended for car video games but at Init we are working with a few companies to create sims for the motorcycle industry as well, so to encompass the entire motorsports experience. Stay tuned!

If you want to learn more about sim racing and how it intersects with motorsports, join us every Thursday at 12:00pm PST for a networking and brainstorming session on the Rev - Racing for everyone Club.

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