What Esports gamers share with Supercross athletes

After viewing the below video posted on The Launcher, the Esports division of the Washington Post, I couldn't help but see the similarities that professional gamers have with Professional Supercross/Motocross Athletes.

To be the best in any area you need to have a focus and a desire above and beyond anyone else in your field. You definitely need talent, but your mindset is what makes the difference. Your attitude is what determine your altitude.

The focus that Tfue demonstrates in this short video is not any different than that of a professional racer. The concentration and the attention to details, combined with the ability to make decisions in a split second is exactly what is expected of a racer competing in the Monster Energy Supercross Championship.

What might appear as a lack of social skills to some is a total dedication to something you love and in my experience it is what a champion is made off. There is nothing else in the mind of a winner than to eat, breath, sleep, and live that passion. Everything else comes second. As I become more involved with Esports gamers and the Esports community, and as a former Women Motocross World Champion, I feel that we are made of the same material.

I can't wait for the day we'll see a retired Supercross athlete become a SIM Racing champion. In the mean time, at Init Esports, we will continue supporting SIM Racers who might one day become the next motorsports champion.

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